The International RuleML Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications

Orlando, Florida: October 30-31, 2008

RuleML-2008 Challenge

The RuleML-2008 Challenge is one of the highlights of RuleML-2008. It addresses the system demonstration for practical use of rule technologies in distributed and/or Web-based environments. The focus of the challenge is on rule technologies (including rule languages and engines), interoperation and interchange. The challenge offers participants the chance to demonstrate their commercial and open source tools, use cases, and applications. Prizes will be awarded to the two best applications. All accepted demos will be presented in a special Challenge Session.

A submission to RuleML challenge has to meet the requirement that declarative rules explicitly play a central role in the application. Basically this means that:

  • Rules are explicitly represented in a declarative format and they are decoupled from the application (rather than being compiled or hard-coded into the application logic).
  • Rules are used in interesting and practically relevant ways to, e.g., derive useful information, transform knowledge, provide decision support and provide automated rule-based monitoring, enforcement, validation or management of the behavioural logic of the application.

The demo should preferably (but not necessarily) be embedded into a web-based or distributed environment so that there will be a need for features related to the RuleML conference topics, as listed in the call for papers.

For more details please consult the RuleML-2008 Challenge website.

Challenge Program